Technical Resource Center

Technical Letters:


1) Immersion Heaters - Life Extension Tips
Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Immersion Heaters-2.pdf


2) Maximizing Heater Performance
Tips on Maximizing Heater Performance


Tools & Calculators and Engineering References:


1) Calculator for heating of solids, fluids or gases within a specific time


2) Watt Density Calculator
Watt Density Calculator


3) 3 Phase Calculator-Delta & Wye
3 Phase Calculator-Delta


4) When heaters use a voltage other then the rated voltage the actual power can be calculated using the link below…
Voltage Engineering Reference


5) Evaluating Your Cartridge Heater Problems


6) Cartridge Heaters-Frequently Asked Questions
FAQs-Catridge Heaters.pdf


7) Cartridge Insertion Heaters-Installation Tips & Preventive Maintenance


8) Cartridge-Heaters-Max-allowable Watt Density
Cartridge-Heaters-Max-allowable Watt Density.pdf


9) Electrical-Noise-Tech-Tip


10) Summer Time Cartridge Heaters Failure-2
Summer Time Cartridge Heaters Failure-2.pdf


11) Which Cartridge Heaters to Choose From
Which Cartridge Heaters to Choose From.pdf

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